TRINA Tallmax PERC Mono 410W Half-Cell Silver 35mm MC4 Landscape


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    High power output
    • Combined with MBB technology, maximum 415W
    • Reduce BOS cost with higher power bin

    Half- cell design brings higher efficiency

    • Half-Cell layout (144 monocrystalline)
    • Low thermal coefficients for greater energy production at high operating temperature
    • Low cell connection power loss due to half-cell layout (144 monocrystalline)
    • Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC Technology)

    Highly reliable due to stringent quality control

    • Over 30 in-house tests (UV, TC, HF etc)
    • Internal test requirement of Trina more stringent than certification authority
    • 100% EL double inspection

    Certificated to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions:

    • 2400 Pa negative load
    • 5400 Pa positive load
    • 2400/5400 is the measured load.and the safety factor is 1.5 times


    SKU TSM-410DD15M(II)