REPOSIT First Battery Ready Energy Monitor Kit Dual Phase No Solar


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    Thinking about installing batteries in the future?

    You need Reposit First.
    Get the whole picture with Reposit First smart monitoring.

    Take the first step.

    Reposit First monitors your energy usage to help assess if batteries are right for you.
    Reposit’s advanced software learns when you use energy and how much.
    Start your energy storage journey at a fraction of the cost with Reposit First.
    Reposit First combines simple visual displays with high accuracy metering all for no ongoing monthly costs.
    Simply add a compatible battery to earn GridCredits™*.


    • Single, dual and three phase homes.
    • All solar inverters available in Australia.
    • Multiple solar systems on the same site.
    • Apple iOS, Android or web browser.
    • Requires internet: Ethernet, wifi or 4G.
    • Requires installation from a Reposit approved licensed electrician.

    Upgrading to Reposit with batteries is easy.

    Your accredited Reposit installer can upgrade your Reposit software when you install your new battery.
    When you upgrade to a Reposit battery system, all your user data moves with you, so you can compare your energy savings over time.



    Installation Guide

    Wiring Diagram

    APP Manual

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