FIMER UNO 4.6kW 1 Phase 2 MPPT DC Disconnect Integrated


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    The new FIMER UNO DM series is the single phase inverter by FIMER that will replace the current UNO and PVI single phase inverter range. The new product had greatly improved in installation and commissioning process as it does not require opening of the bottom lid for cabling and wifi connection is now built-in for easier setup. In addition, the inverter would be able to be configured for feed-in control with just a FIMER meter.

    Key advantages: 

    • High peak efficiency of 97.0%

    • Built-in wifi communication enabled for firmware update and commissioning with mobile app

    • Much smaller and lighter compared to the original PVI/UNO range and with just one physical model making it easier for installation trainings

    • Extremely low night consumption of less than 0.4W