TESLA Powerwall Backup Gateway 2


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The new Backup Gateway 2 will allow the Powerwall 2 to have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) enabled. This will allow the Powerwall to provide power in the event of a power outage.Traditionally a normal solar system will shut down in the event of a power outage to prevent any power going back into the grid. The Backup Gateway 2 uses clever technology to manage the grid connection and allow solar to continue to operate during an outage.

Powerwall is a home battery that stores solar energy so you can use it day or night and self-power your home. Solar panels typically generate more clean energy than your house can immediately use. Powerwall stores that excess solar to make it available on demand, maximising your use of solar and reducing your reliance on the grid.


  • Touch Safe - Touch safe for the entire family with no live wires or bulky vents.
  • Flexible Installation - Wall mounted or floor mounted, stack up to nine Powerwall units to power homes of any size.
  • Durable Design - Water resistant and dustproof enclosure for installation inside or outdoors.
  • Always Connected - Monitor your solar energy use in real-time and receive alerts when Powerwall is preparing for cloudy or severe weather.

*Only Tesla certificated installer can install Tesla


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