SMA Automatic Backup Unit for SBS3.7/5.0-10

by SMA

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SMA Automatic Backup Unit for Sunny Boy Storage SBS3.7/5.0-10

The homeowner may want the Sunny Boy Storage to automatically power their household circuits when there is a blackout. By installing the optional Automatic Backup Unit, the household loads are automatically disconnected from the grid and the loads may continue to be supplied from the battery storage system and the PV system. In this setup, additional power is available from the PV inverter, which allows a greater number of appliances to be powered simultaneously, and a longer period of autonomy from the grid.

Comparing your backup options

Secure Power Supply Full Backup
Requirements · Sunny Boy Storage 3.6/5.0/6.0 · Sunny Boy Storage 3.6/5.0/6.0

· Automatic Backup Unit (optional add-on)

Max Load (230Vac) 3.7 kW Sunny Boy Storage Rating + up to 7.7kW from PV
Power Source Batteries Batteries + PV
Operation Activated by manual switch Automatically switched on after blackout



Installation Manual


SKU SBS-ABU-63.1-AU-10