Enphase Q Relay (20A single phase)


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    Q Relay

    In Enphase installations, the Q Relay (network system relay controller) acts as a physical disconnection device relay controller for single-phase installations.

    During specified grid abnormalities, the Q Relay disconnects the Enphase Microinverters from the AC grid, and when the voltages return to normal and the grid frequency is in the acceptable range, the Q Relay reconnects the system.

    The Q Relay works with the Envoy-S to break both line and neutral, when needed, per grid requirements.

    Easy to Install

    • Lightweight and simple
    • DIN rail mount for quick installation


    • Dependable load control
    • Automatically resets when normal voltage resumes


    • Performs voltage and frequency ride-through
    • Remote upgrade capability
    • Easy to read LEDs