SOLIS Export Power Manager Single Phase Excluding CTs


The control center for smart energy management

The Solis export power manager is the ideal solution for smart energy management both for residential and commercial system. With the LCD user interface an overview of all important energy flows of inverter and load is provided.

PV energy can be used more efficiently, thereby significantly increasing self-consumption. Additionally, PV feed-in power is going to be limited in some country. Energy management with the Solis export power manager allows for higher self-consumption and efficient use of the locally generated PV power

Easy to Use

  •  Active power limitation and control at the grid-connection point
  •  Automatic, intelligent control of loads with up to 80 Phase Solis inverters
  •  Easy commissioning with the PV System Setup Assistant
  •  Basic system monitoring via Ginlong monitoring system


  •  Several standardized meter interfaces
  •  Individual specifications for controllable appliances


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