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  1. Trina Smart 260W Gen 2 Pro with Tigo DC optimiser - 35mm - black

    Trina Smart 260W Gen 2 Pro with Tigo DC optimiser - 35mm - black

    Safer Solar

    • Panel-level disconnect to remotely deactivate modules

    • Arc, fire and safety hazard mitigation

    More Efficient O&M

    • Panel-level monitoring to pinpoint problems

    • Detailed real-time alerts and analytics

    Highest Power Density

    • Install more modules on any roof

    • Uneven string lengths enables design flexibility

    Maximized Energy Harvest

    • Impedance matching technology eliminates mismatch loses

    • More power from each module bin

    Lower BOS Costs from Smart Curve Technology

    • 30% lower max open circuit voltage, 30% longer strings

    • Fewer combiners, fuses and copper wiring required

    Fully Integrated

    • Compatible with any inverter

    • No additional boxes to mount to a module

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  2. SMA Warranty Card 2kW

    SMA Warranty Card 2kW<3kW

    SMA Warranty Card 2kW<3kW Learn More
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  3. SMA Warranty Card 3kW

    SMA Warranty Card 3kW<4kW

    SMA Warranty Card 3kW<4kW Learn More
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  4. Tigo Energy MM-2ES50-MC4-ST

    Tigo Energy MM-2ES50-MC4-ST

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    For residential, commercial and utility scale photovoltaic solar arrays, the Tigo Energy Maximizer system optimizes the power output of each module; delivers module-level data for operational management and performance monitoring; and provides the ability to deactivate the high voltage DC bus for safer installation, maintenance or fire fighting. Tigo Energy Dual Maximizers are key components of the system which reside at each module (one per up to two solar modules). The Dual Maximizer provides data acquisition, communication to the Tigo Energy® Maximizer™ Management Unit, and power point control. The very small electronics footprint of the Maximizer has been designed to minimize cost and maximize reliability. Tigo Energy Maximizer MM-2ES is ideal for new construction or retrofit applications around the world. Learn More
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  5. SMA Sunny Remote Control

    SMA Sunny Remote Control

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    Sunny Island systems using the Sunny Remote Control are flexible and easy to operate: to maximize the user convenience, we have moved the control unit out of the inverter. You can now commission and monitor the battery-powered inverters conveniently without having to be standing right in front of the inverter. The Sunny Remote Control can be used at a distance of up to 20 m and processes information from up to three devices. The rotary switch enables intuitive operation. The four-line display gives you information on the current plant status at a glance. An SD card serves as the service interface. Another convincing feature is the simplicity of installing the SRC-20. Just one cable is needed for the electrical connection and communication. Plug it in at both ends – and you are ready for installation, commissioning or plant information. Learn More
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  6. SMA Surge Protection

    SMA Surge Protection

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    SMA Surge Protection Learn More
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  7. SMA Bluetooth Repeater(indoor)

    SMA Bluetooth Repeater(indoor)

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    Under unfavorable installation conditions, the SMA Bluetooth Repeater is used to bridge dead zones between SMA Bluetooth devices or to improve poor wireless connections. Learn More
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  8. SMA WebBox - Bluetooth

    SMA WebBox - Bluetooth

    The Sunny WebBox is the ideal monitoring solution for medium-sized PV plants. It receives and stores current measured values and transmits data via RS485. This means you can stay updated on the status of your plant around the clock. In the event of a problem, you can react quickly and secure your yields. Parameters can be changed and a variety of measured values can be depicted, analyzed and downloaded via a web browser. All data from the connected devices is stored and automatically transmitted to Sunny Portal, if desired. The Sunny WebBox allows central access to your plant data on the Internet via Sunny Portal. Learn More
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  9. SMA Micro Inverter - Sunny Boy 240

    SMA Micro Inverter - Sunny Boy 240

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    Minimum quantity: 6 This is the ideal inverter for a flexible, modular PV system: Combined with the Sunny Multigate, the Sunny Boy 240 is an easy-to-install solution. It‘s applications range from different substring arrangements to systems with regularly shaded modules. Due to their modular design, systems equipped with both the Sunny Boy 240 and the Sunny Multigate can be realigned or upgraded at any time, depending on structural modifications, expansion of system size or a change in financial circumstances. The micro inverter and well-known string concept have also been seamlessly combined by SMA. Learn More
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  10. SMA Sunny Island 4.4M - 11 (with SRC - 20 Remote)

    SMA Sunny Island 4.4M - 11 (with SRC - 20 Remote)

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    The Sunny Island 3.0M and 4.4M support a wide range of on-grid and off-grid applications, and both systems have a number of compelling product features. Users benefit from SMA’s over 25 years of experience with battery inverter technology. Its high protection class, wide temperature range and overload capacity provide the kind of reliability needed for off-grid use. Intelligent load and energy management keeps the system running even in critical situations. And being a core element in the SMA Flexible Storage System for new and existing PV systems, the Sunny Island system stores generated solar power and works with the Sunny Home Manager to intelligently manage home energy consumption. The quick configuration guide and intuitive user interface help ensure quick and convenient commissioning in any both cases. The new Sunny Island 3.0M and 4.4M systems are the perfect product solutions for stand-alone and grid-connected systems in a power output range of up to 13 kW. Learn More
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